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According to Neil Blumenthal, CEO and co-founder of Warby parker, a start-up company is one which aims to solve problems without the solution being obvious and success not being guaranteed. They are mostly tech-oriented and innovative companies with goals of solving day-to-day problems.


Writing for start-up companies is a skill that I had eventually mastered. However, there are still challenges that I meet every time I write because every start-up company is unique and different from the others. Every company has a specific set of requirements, needs and demands that I have to cater to. It can be a demanding writing task, yet it is rewarding after seeing that my efforts have paid off and I have helped those start-up firms in my own way.

Here are a few of the challenges I encounter:

Lack of information

Sometimes my clients cannot provide me the very details and information that I need to create a perfect write-up for them. Most of the time, I have to expound what little information they provide. If my clients do provide me with details, most of these provided information are too technical for me. Moreover, since these companies are still new, I can only write the companies’ descriptions. I have to do my own research and make my write-ups understandable and as simple as possible for potential customers and consumers.


There are hundreds of start-up companies out there that are offering similar services and products that my clients are offering. It is quite challenging to promote a company that has so many competitions. It is then my duty to create unique and eye-catching write ups that will capture the attention and interest of target consumers. I have to write fresh articles that are more compelling than my previous work.

Online and offline promotions

When start-up companies come to me and ask me to write for them, I usually recommend that I also write offline promotions for them. Writing for online and offline promotions are two different things. Copy for online must be unique, yet as interesting as its offline write-ups. Promoting offline and online can help companies grow and win more clients faster.

Maintaining the website

It is important for start-up companies to keep their website updated. I write most of the contents of these websites. Each page should have interesting stuff in there to keep potential customers read through the entire website. Contents should be concise, and well-written. Most potential customers lose interest when the webpage is too wordy and lengthy.

Social media

There are clients who request me to write for their social media pages as well, such Facebook. The contents of these social media sites should also be interesting yet must contain a detailed description of the start-up companies.

Branding the company

Start-up companies hire me to do the branding for them. Again, this requires creativity. With the number of companies I have written for, I have to create new taglines that are bolder and more compelling than before. Read More Challenges of Writing for Start-up Companies

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The availability of today’s technology enables several professionals to bring their workplaces at home. As a freelance online writer, there are a lot of benefits, as well as disadvantages, when it comes to working at home. However, in my case, I find being a freelancer more convenient and beneficial.


As I have mentioned earlier in my previous post, I used to have a regular, 8 am to 5 pm job. I only became a fulltime freelancer when I had gained enough experience and knowledge in my new chosen career path. It was not an easy decision for me to make to change my career. For those who are interested to become a freelance online writer like me, you may want to consider the advantages and disadvantages of working at home.

The Advantages:

Financial stability

I have to admit that it was financially hard for me when I first started my online writing business. However, when I already had a steady flow of loyal clients, my business boomed and I became financially stable. As a freelancer, I can earn as much as I want to, unlike my previous job wherein I only received a fixed salary. Moreover, I do not have to spend on hidden costs related to work (e.g. transportation, cost of wardrobe, etc.).


I own my time as a freelancer. Being a home-based writer allows me to do household errands too. Moreover, I get to choose the time I can work efficiently.

Less stress

I do not have to worry about traffic and the hassle of going to work; traffic can stressed me out and affect my productivity. I also do not have to worry about unfriendly colleagues and other stresses which can be counterproductive for me.

Work-life balance

One of the greatest advantages of working at home is that I have an improved work-life balance. I can enjoy more the company of my friends and family now that I do not have an 8am to 5pm job. Less stress and pressure means more time to pamper myself and improve my relationship with my family and friends.

The Disadvantages:


There are a lot of distractions when I started to work at home. I often get interrupted by a call from a family, a visit from a friend, etc. Also, there are times when I had a sudden urge of cleaning the house and doing other chores. I needed more self-discipline and determination to finish my daily tasks when working at home than in an office. Read More The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Freelance Online Writer

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I did not become a freelance online writer by choice, but by chance. My career as an online writer started by a few Notes I have written on my Facebook page. Those few notes were just random life realizations that I have decided to write down and let others read. A friend suggested that since my grammar is good and I can create well-organized and easy-to-read contents, then I should try being a freelance online writer.


I did have a regular day job; I worked from 8 am to 5pm, Mondays through Fridays. My day job’s pay was more than good – I did have enough money for leisure and I was still able to save. However, since I enjoy writing during my free time, I listened to my friend’s advice and looked for online writing jobs for additional income.

Starting as an online freelance writer was not easy. There are a lot of websites that offer high paying writing jobs, but not all of these are legitimate. During my search, I have met several fraudulent employers who never paid me. I realized that as a newbie in the freelance writing world, I need to be patient. I accepted writing job offers for as low as $2 per article; I did not mind being paid so low because I was enjoying what I was doing and was learning a lot.

I wrote articles of varying niche and genre; topics included health, technology, sports, fashion, gardening, quilting, and many more. After a few weeks, I have gained my employer’s trust, and he increased my rate from $2 per article to $5 per article. I could write as many as five articles per day. Despite an increased, I still continued my day job and work as a part-time online writer at night.

I have learned a lot of things from my employer. He trained me well, especially in the fields of writing for company profiles, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and online marketing. I also became more acquainted with how the internet works for start-up businesses.

After a few years of being a part-time online writer and being well-experienced freelancer, I bid farewell to my day-job to start my own online writing firm. A start-up online business was not easy. Since I did not have any business partner, I did everything on my own. I had to build a good reputation among clients. Read More How I Became a Freelance Online Writer