Hibernating Sounds Good Right About Now

I seem to have been sleeping like a log lately. Asleep so fast and even sleeping almost all the way through. Do I feel any better? No! In fact, I feel so drained and tired, so lethargic I can’t muster the energy (even if I actually had any!) to even sit in a chair or go work on my going downstairs once a day. By lunchtime I’m wishing it were bedtime already. Today I also have a headache and a half, all I suspect from barely moving all night which made my neck stiffer, hence the headache and an awful lot of dizziness and light-headedness today. I can’t win! Buy online from NHS Heroes at https://www.nhsheroes.co.uk/

Sometimes I’ll actually lose sleep and feel better the next day, although this doesn’t work all the time, most of the time, just losing an hour or two of sleep leaves me feeling horrendously ill. It makes no sense?! I’d love to know the answer to this!

Therefore, at the moment I feel like hibernating under the duvet for, ooh, a week or two!

I do feel like I’ve gone back two steps again by not being able to work on my going downstairs thing I’ve been trying to do. Firstly I feel too ill, too dizzy and part of me worries I’ll make myself even worse at the moment by trying. Yet I know that sometimes when I do it I feel better for it. Maybe I should stop procrastinating, shut the hell up and actually just do it!

About the only thing I’ve done today apart from texting Mr V and lazing around in bed reading a psychology magazine (can that count as studying?!) is go on Amazon and order myself Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11. I’m hoping it’ll be better than via voice I tried ten years ago, it got most words wrong lol The reviews are good anyway. It’ll be so much easier for me that typing and causing more pain in my arms/neck, it’ll be useful for all my psychology essays plus blogging of course! I think I may even make a start on writing my biography, something I’ve wanted to do for so long, I’m sure it’ll read better with the natural flow of talking and the software doing it for me instead of me typing.

I know I’m rambling, I’m so tired, that’s my excuse ;0) It’s okay, I’ll shut up now, at least til next time! lol