Is the Office Died?

With technology becoming increasingly more advanced, the importance of the traditional office seems to be falling. Indeed, with the utilization of video messaging emails and smart phones, we could only work from your home office fitout? Well, although this could be quickly becoming a reality for a lot of workers, don’t begin packing your desk up yet.

 Working Remotely – The Gains
It will come as no real surprise to you that here at Officescape, we’re team office all of the ways. That said, we can’t deny there are several advantages to working from home. For the employee, say farewell to long, uneasy tube journeys and say hello to your pajamas! in rolling out of bed at 8:58 am and working For the employer, there’s no requirement for costly rent payments! Sound that is as significant as these advantages, that much where they end, so let’s take a peek in the benefits of working in an office.

The Advantages

Sure, you still have to take that rush hour tube ride to go into work, but just think about all of the great benefits of coming into an office


Individuals are friendly creatures and having colleagues to interact with every day may do amazing things for the overall wellbeing of your workforce. These interactions breed relationships that are vital to the smooth running of any business.


It can’t be utilized when working remotely while communication is possible. Emails and phone calls are often allowed for the more proper things that have to be conveyed with coworkers, but when you lose face to face interactions, also you’re wasting the ingenuity which goes along with it.


While rolling out of bed at 8:58 am and heading to your home office may sound appealing, it can be unbelievably hard to find the motivation to work as you would in an office. Your house is the space which you associate with relaxation that may frequently cause huge problems for anybody trying to work at the house. An office gives that construction and atmosphere that’s needed to get a successful working day to you.

But what good is having an office whether it’s designed doesn’t work for the staff or the business? As suppliers of office refurbishment, we know just how important it is to get the right room layout. Whether you’re looking for a fresh layout to encourage a design that can capture your brand or productivity, Officescape can do it all.