Quick Fixes At Home

Everyone has at one time or another felt the effect of tooth pain caused by decay. This decay can be caused by eating too much soft drinks, candy, pastries or anything that has sugar in it. The bacteria in your mouth will break down these sugars and turn them into an wet carpet Brisbane acid. When this acid combines with the calcium in the enamel of your teeth, it will cause erosion or decay. There are many toothache home remedies that have proven useful to many suffers and so they are a good thing to know in case you find yourself as a sufferer.

It seems that many find the use of a clove a garlic mixed with some rock salt to be the best cure. It will certainly relieve the pain you are feeling and might even cure it. Research has lately confirmed the bactericidal effects of an onion to work as well. Chewing a raw onion every day for a few minutes will not only kill the germs in your mouth but you can put a small piece on any tooth that is bothering you for relief. Rich in vitamin C is the lime and it too can help will preventing decay, tooth pain as well as bleeding of the gums. A good mouthwash for tooth decay is the juice of wheat grass. You can chew it and it will draw out toxins from your gums and also good for bacterial growth. If you have a asafoetida plant at your home, you can pestle it with some lemon juice and then use a cotton swap to apply it. This will give you quick tooth pain relief.

For those who can get their hands on the bark of Bay Berry, they can make a paste using vinegar and this can be put on the effected tooth for pain relief. Cloves have an antiseptic property and can decrease infection. Clove oil can be put onto a decayed tooth for pain reduction. Another remedy is made using a teaspoon of common salt and a pinch of pepper powder. Using this mixture daily will prevent cavities, bleeding gums, foul breath, toothaches and painful gums. If you have sensitive teeth, this also will help with that condition. You can also mix pepper powder with the oil from a clove for a toothache. Dental health depends on a good diet. It is said that a proper diet your jaw bones and teeth can be hardened and be healthier over the years.